“Whether you are Minor White or Robert Frank, almost every photograph starts with an act of pure description—a window. But […]

Alec Soth

“To do justice to modern technology’s rigid linear structure, to the lofty gridwork of cranes and bridges, to the dynamism […]

Albert R-Patzsch

“I photograph in public and semi-public spaces that date from various epochs. These are spaces accessible to everyone. They are […]

Candida Hofer

“Photographs are still always depictions, it’s just that for my generation the model for the photograph is probably not reality […]

Thomas Ruff

“The question if this is a work of art or not is not very interesting for us. Probably it is […]


“For me it is essential to understand that everyone is alone. Not in the sense of loneliness, but rather in […]

Rineke Dijkstra