“Pop Art should be pop­u­lar, tran­sient, expend­able, low-cost, mass-produced, young, witty, sexy, gim­micky, glam­orous, and big business.”  Richard Hamilton   […]

Richard Hamilton

“The question at hand is the danger posed to truth by computer-manipulated photographic imagery. How do we approach this question […]

Martha Rosler

“I was interested in photographing America in the same context, with the same poetry and power, that has been done […]

Doug Rickard

“I have been nourished by images since before I can remember”  Corinne Vionnet                 […]

Corinne Vionnet

  “My interest would be mainly in the reception of the selfie. Since I did a lot of my research […]

Willem Popelier

 “Pictures are not still anymore…they’re constantly moving and forever changing.”  Penelope Umbrico            

Penelope Umbrico

“There are a lot of things that got me into working with photos. The main thing is that I saw […]

John Heartfield

“I think that the exactitude of the photograph has a sort of compelling nature based in its power to duplicate […]

Barbara Kruger

“Instead of taking photographs of trees or nudes, I take photographs of photographs. I choose pictures that manifest the desire […]

Sherrie Levine

“Of course, the camera is a far more objective and trustworthy witness than a human being. We know that a […]

Hannah Hoch

Peter Kennard is an artist that uses photomontage to highlight political points about-among other things nuclear disarmament, Iraq war. His […]

Peter Kennard

  “Advertising images aren’t associated with an author. It’s as if their presence were complete—classical in fact. They are too […]

Richard Prince